Trip Schedule

Please keep in mind Heirloom Church's needs change on a monthly/weekly basis. We may have a large amount of work for your team to do, or we may only have enough work for half days the week of your trip. As you think about your team's schedule, please remain flexible and willing to adjust to the needs of our church.

Important: Contact Dakota a few weeks before your trip to get an idea of the amount of work we have for your team. You can then schedule outside mission projects with other Austin organizations, depending on availability.

Heirloom Church Projects


Kindness Outreach

One of our church plant's biggest needs is to be known in our community. We have several strategies including passing out free water bottles with our logo, handing out gift cards and treats to first responders and local businesses, or putting out door hangers. We also have coffee/food kindness hour, a red light drink giveaway, a city park giveaway booth, or a $1 car wash. Please be willing to help us in these efforts to reach the city.

Local Connections

Please make a list of anyone you know who lives in the Austin area. Set up meetings with them while you're in the city and connect them with Heirloom Church, if they aren't already involved with a local church. Personal connections and referrals are one of the strongest ways to build our congregation and reach the people of our city.

Special Ministry Projects

This area encompasses all needs for Heirloom, which will vary depending on the time of year that you can work with us.  These projects will include vacation bible school, sports camps, block parties, holiday outreach, area-wide outreach events, child care help, care bags for the homeless, etc.  

NonProfit Organizations

South Austin is filled with local ministries and organizations that desire to help those in need. Some of these ministries and organizations focus on the homeless, while others focus on vulnerable children or the terminally ill.  This section will provide you with a list of contacts so that you can fill your ministry schedule, do good work, and promote what Heirloom Church stands for in the community.  

Austin Angel's
Website | 512-387-4307
Children, youth, and families experiencing foster care Austin Angels provides consistent monthly support to families with at least one child in foster care in their home as well as provides a mentoring program for youth in care or youth who have recently aged out (11 - 22 years old).

Autism Society of Texas
Website | 512-479-4199

The autism society of Texas (AST) supports all individuals with autism and their families throughout the state of Texas, over the entire life span from diagnosis through adulthood. AST offers support and resources through its navigating autism program; support groups for parents and caregivers; educational events online; social groups for autistic individuals; and advocacy efforts at the state level.

Foster Villiage
Website | 512-599-4144

Foster care/adoption: we serve children and families intersecting with the child welfare system (licensed foster parents, kinship caregivers, reunifying parents, families engaging with family-based safety services, and adoptive parents). We wrap a village of support around caregivers by equipping them with critical resources, connecting families to a sustaining community, and advocating for community beyond the system. Through our 2 home-like resource centers, we equip families with essential items at the time of placement (and during transitions of placement) and provide ongoing support through engagement with our programs and gatherings. Join us at our support gatherings or events for connection throughout the year or parents and caregivers; educational events online; social groups for autistic individuals; and advocacy efforts at the state level.

Autism 20
Website |

The Austin 20 is dedicated to supporting organizations that focus on aiding children victimized by sex trafficking, addressing critical gaps in the continuum of care.

Central Texas Food Bank
Website | 512-599-4144

Working collaboratively with food donors nationwide, financial supporters, and dedicated volunteers, the organization strives to address unmet needs in Central Texas. The commitment from a diverse array of private, government, and charitable partners has enabled them to deliver nearly 54 million meals to the community last year. These meals reach families and local nonprofits that rely on their support for assistance and sustenance.

Texas Ramp Project
Website | 214-558-0339

Texas Ramp Project provides free wheelchair ramps to low-income older adults and people with disabilities identified by local healthcare providers. Ramps are built exclusively with volunteer labor, keeping costs to a minimum. Ramps are built without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, age, or gender. They vision is that "no Texas resident shall lack safe access because of financial limitations."

Backup Plan Ideas

We're a new church plant just now onboarding mission teams for our missional efforts. There might be a mission project or two that falls through due to weather, overbooking, or other unforeseen events.  This section is critical for your planning and highly effective when the Spirit is leading.  Listed below are several opportunities to show the love of Christ in our community.  Keep in mind, that these ideas are abstract but highly effective.  While doing these activities, we ask that you wear your Heirloom Church T-shirts, which accurately represent the God we serve and the church you are helping.  If you need more information specifically on any of these projects and where you can implement them, we can provide additional guidance.  Heirloom cannot fund these efforts, however, they are effective and appreciated.

  • Hand out breakfast to the homeless in area parks
  • Offer free face painting and popsicles at a local park
  • Local restroom cleaning for area businesses
  • Blankets for great ministry
  • Soft drink giveaway
  • Prayer walking the city
  • Stamp giveaway in front of the post office
  • Water bottle giveaway at vendor events
  • Glow-in-the-dark necklace giveaway at family events
  • Polaroid photos @ VBS/frame making
  • Helium balloons and balloon animals
  • Winter/Summer survival kits for the homeless 

At this point, you should have...

Decided on South Austin service projects
Arranged other South Austin area service work
Created a backup plan in case of rain
Finalized your team's weekly schedule
Partnered with Heirloom Church through giving

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