Participant Instructions

Every mission trip is different, and each team brings various expertise and resources to our community. In your opening discussions with Pastor Dakota, it is important to lay out what your group specializes in and if you have certain resources that could be beneficial to Heirloom Church and to your overall mission team experience. However, there are certain things that Heirloom Church requests of each group coming to serve the city

1 | Bring Gift Bags

During the week, your group is going to be connecting with lots of people in the city, but some of those meetings will be special. For this reason, we are asking that each member of your team bring 3 gift cards to either Chick-Fil-A or Starbucks for $5 each. We will provide sleeves with the Heirloom Church logo and website. As you have meaningful encounters or conversations, use these cards to help bless the individual and help make the hand off of the person to Heirloom Church so we can continue to work. 

2 | Memorize scripture

We believe that scripture is incredibly powerful, especially when partnering with the Lord to start something from scratch. Our two major verses for this year are John 13:35 and Psalm 127:1. Have your group participants memorize these verses in the weeks leading up to the trip, and this will help them remember the purpose of the trip. 

3 | Bring an extra Bible

Encourage each participant to bring an extra Bible that they can give away to someone who they meet in Kyle. During the week, you will often have an interaction with someone that is so spiritually driven that you will feel called to hand them a copy of God’s Word. Especially in a case where someone is led to Christ through an interaction with your group, having copies of the Bible further facilitates God’s work in the individual’s life. 

4 | Make list of South Austin connections

As discussed in the intro, we are also requesting that each group member put together a list of friends, family members, and other connections he or she may have in Austin. There is a large number of people in this area that have relocated here from another area. Have your group members schedule opportunities to meet these people when you come up to serve in the city.

5 | Connect with someone

Challenge each group member to connect with one regular attendee of Heirloom Church. This requires time and energy, and intentionally caring for individuals encountered in the city. At the end of the week, make the hand off of that person and their contact information to the Heirloom Team. 

6 | Support us Financially

Finally, we are asking each team serving with Heirloom Church to bring some type of financial donation to give to the church. There is no suggested amount, but we do ask that each church give something. 

To give now, please click here.

Rules for the week

1. Pray, Pray, Pray! 

Whether it is before a meal, before you begin a mission project, after you have completed a set of door hangers in a neighborhood, or parted ways with a homeless person you met on the street, always pray. 

2. Be Flexible! 

No mission trip in the history of the world has ever gone exactly the way it was planned. We believe that the Holy Spirit is active in all of our mission endeavors, and although we strive to put together an organized and working plan, we always defer to the Spirit. 

3. Do No Harm! 

Remember, your team is here for a week, but our team is here long-term. In all things, while you are here with us, remember to leave things better than you found them and to help people move up the Engel Scale (reference below). 

The Engel Scale has been used to introduce many Christians to a new understanding of evangelism. In the past, people have often seen evangelism only in terms of people being converted. Understood this way, most of our evangelism must be counted as pure failure. Few people can live with that level of failure, and few survive as evangelists, or even as effective witnesses, for long.


The Engel Scale completely changes this picture. If you understand something of the journey a person must take in order to discover God, then you know that helping someone take one more step towards God is successful evangelism just as much as helping them over the final line. The Engel Scale helps people to understand this journey.

Evangelists have long known the truth of this, but it has not often been taught and understood. Almost everyone who makes a commitment to Jesus has a story to tell of people and events in their lives bringing them closer and closer to the point of total surrender. Some figures indicate that the average length of the journey, from the time people start looking for God to the time they find Him, is four years. However reliable that figure, and whatever it means, it is clear that for most people the journey to God is a long one.


  • Given your team a list of instructions
  • Ordered T-shirts for your team

Contact Information

When communicating about mission trips, please send communication to both Dakota and Cy.
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